Lern Learn 畫室

Lern Learn has been teaching drawing in the Bay Area since we started in 1998 in San Francisco. Students from as young as five years old to full grown adults come from all over the Bay Area to participate in the7 programsthat we offer.

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Our classes are unique because they set the students' fundamentals as the cornerstone, then build off of that step by step to approach a higher drawing level standard. Every student must go through basic two dimensional training and structure sketching before he or she may proceed to more advanced classes.

Lern Learn combines traditional teaching with seasonal projects that stimulate the students' imagination. Topics that the students utilize their own images on include but are not limited to Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Summer. We give our students freedom to style their own projects with unique forms, materials, and mediums.

Our programs emphasize observation, thinking, analyzing, organization, and constructive criticism. Many of our students have won awards in their school districts for their outstanding drawing.

Goal: To serve the community by fulfilling art loving students' desires.Teacher's Bio

Summer semester: (July 11 to August 15, 2015) For more details, please contact.